A Little Bit Of Luck: Second Hand Roses Christmas Placemats Giveaway.

I was so pleased to learn that “On the Upcycle” was the lucky winner of two lovely vintage looking felt holiday placemats, courtesy of Deb and Kathy at “Second Hand Roses”


Second Hand Roses is a blog that features the shopping adventures and sometimes misadventures of Kathy and Deb. Their wonderful sense of humor comes across in every post and the blog is an enjoyable read, so be sure and stop by and visit them! I was quite excited to receive a package with the placemats and this lovely vintage greeting card.

Vintage Christmas Card

The placemats are made of felt and are adorned with glittery decorations.  They feature Santa Clause and a reindeer. They are absolutely adorable and I am so grateful to have won their christmas giveaway!  I placed them on our vintage stereo cabinet and snapped this picture of our living room.


Thanks again to Kathy and Deb for bringing some holiday cheer into our home this holiday season!


If only we could live here….A Close Up Snapshot of our Christmas village on our mantle.


Happy Holidays from “On The Upcycle” and Many Thanks to Kathy and Deb!



Deck The Halls: The Joyfully Tacky and Downright Different.

Wow!  I have not blogged in 5 days! “Sigh”  It has been such a busy time for your truly as I prepare for the Christmas Holiday. You certainly wouldn’t know it looking at my extreme blogging inactivity, but some things must remain a secret until after Christmas.  On this day, I will be making my favorite holiday cookies and I am hoping to get my daughter involved in the fun. Stay tuned!

For now, I want to have a little fun “On The Upcycle” and share with you some of our most “interesting” and in some cases downright strange family Christmas decorations.  My husband and I  have been known to embrace the different, retro,  and at times downright tacky, as long as it is in the name of good fun.


1. Bichon Blitz!

My husband got this for me about 10 years ago after we adopted our Bichon Frise Casper. The tree is made by the Danbury Mint, (you know those collectable order forms you receive in the mail especially around the holidays?)  Even though this looks like a Christmas animal horde nightmare, I love it!


2. Is Santa sleeping?

I admit, this one always creeped me out, but at the same time who doesn’t love a Santa Claus tissue box cover!  I think if you didn’t have to extract a tissue from Santa’s abdomen, coupled with the fact that Santa looks like he is either in deep sleep or deceased, this decoration would not disturb me so much.


3. Every Girls Crazy bout a sharp dressed Santa!

What is better than Santa Claus Rocking out in sunglasses and a guitar? (Ok don’t answer but….) This decoration reminds me of what the members of ZZ Top would look like dressed as Chris Kringle. If the sled is rockin don’t come knockin!


4. Kitchen Santa: pass me the Twinkies, man

This little light up, plastic Santa has either had too much eggnog or has been hanging out with Cheech and Chong for too long.  Whoever painted his face, looks like they were modeling him after the late and great Jerry Garcia! I have to admit I love this jolly old elf on the shelf even if he looks a little too “jolly”!


5. There’s a Snowman in your shower

Some would consider this snowman shower curtain as a “bit much”  but compared to some bathroom Christmas decorations I have seen this pattern is mild, and forces the loo to have a bit of holiday spirit.


See the above photo found on Ebay and I rest my case.  Poor Santa.

6. Deck the halls with Gene Simmons?


It is no secret that the hubby and I are Rock and Rollers.  My husband has quite a collection of off beat Christmas ornaments.  What could be more rock and roll than a decked out Gene Simmons Kiss ornament dangling from your tree?


7. Better left unsaid

I save the best for last.  I will allow you as the reader to come up with your own reasons as to why this Santa Clause candle decoration takes the cake.  It lights up, it is retro, and it is oddly shaped.  Enough said!

Don’t worry, I will attempt to redeem my holiday decorating reputation in a future post.  It’s not all fun and games, but it is eclectic, and I wouldn’t have it any other way!

What are some of your most interesting Christmas decorations?  Do you display yours proudly?