Fabulous Frida: Dollar Store Decoupage

Beauty can present itself in many forms.  That is why I find the works of Frida Kahlo so intriguing.  The subject matter of her paintings are often grotesque and painful, but one can’t help being drawn to it.  Despite the many adversities life had to offer her, Kahlo never let it defeat her. She was a modern woman, ahead of her time, and created artwork that remains relevant today. Born in Mexico City around the start of the Mexican revolution,  At age 6 she contracted Polio which caused her to walk with a limp. As a young women, she was involved in a nearly fatal bus accident that left her with severe lifelong and painful injuries including her inability to carry a child.  Her heart was broken and this was reflected in many of her paintings, most of which were self portraits.


Frida Kahlo pictured below with her partner and muse, painter Diego Rivera in 1932.


My sister is also a fan of Frida.  She recently had a surgery that would take some time and perseverance to recover from.  I wanted to make her something special to lift her spirits and inspire her while she was convalescing. I thought something with a Frida Kahlo theme could do just that.  I had a small wooden box that was far from special, but would be perfect to store her medications in.


First, I cleaned the box thoroughly removing dust and dirt that accumulated during storage.  I printed out a 4×6 Frida print, and applied Mod Podge to the box with a paint brush.  I then carefully applied the print to the box.


I used black and golden rod acrylic paint to finish off the box redesign. Once the box dried, I used Mod Podge to seal the project.


Make your own art inspired box Dollar Store Craft

Imagine the possibilities!


Mod Podge

Print of choice for decoupage

Acrylic Paint

Scissors and paint brushes

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Just For Fun: Rainbow Brite Decoupage Tote Bag

I have been intrigued recently by the idea of using decoupage on purses and suitcases. This requires me to work with different materials I have not tried before, and overcoming certain obstacles such as shape, texture and overall size. I thought this tote bag would be a great practice project, and a cute item to carry/store my daughter’s toys in.


Their was an overall texture to the bag and I was not sure how the Mod Podge would adhere to it. I was concerned at the possibility that the texture underneath the paper would make the decoupage appear wrinkled.  I printed out an image of the Rainbow Brite characters.  I trimmed the image with a pair of scissors.   I applied Mod Podge to the bag surface with a foam craft brush carefully smoothing out any wrinkles in the paper.  Once dry,  I applied multiple coats of Mod Podge over the image. (The more coats on synthetics/plastics, the better the bond) It appeared to adhere to the bag well, but I have been burned by plastic/synthetic surfaces before.  The Mod Podge simply does not adhere well to these surfaces. Through constant use by two year-old hands, only time will tell the durability of this project. I would guess that canvas would be a bit more “user friendly” The decoupage looks great and the surface does not appear to have affected the paper much.  I hope my toddler appreciates Rainbow Brite as much as her mommy does!

Rainbow Brite Decoupage Tote bag


Tote bag

Print for decoupage

Mod Podge


foam craft brush

Simple Saturday: Decoupage Sports Fan Desk Clock

This project was quick, and easy to create.   If you have never ventured into the wonderful world of Mod Podge before, this is a great starter project for you!  A sports desk clock is also a great gift for the special man in your life or a female sports fan such as myself.  When I stumbled upon this cute little clock made from Ikea, at a Good Will store, I had no clue what if anything I was going to do with it. The price was certainly encouraging! On this day items adorned with a yellow ticket were 50% off !  This cute little item cost just 1 dollar!

Ikea Desk Clock


My husband suggested that since the clock was Eagles Green, it would make a great Philadelphia Eagles Football clock.  I thought this was a great idea, in honor of the new football season, and our fantasy football team who opened week one with a win thanks to McCoy and Jackson. I found some sports images online and printed them.  These would be great for decoupage and looked as though they would fit well on the surface,  The clock was a bit of an odd shape after all.

Eagles print outs


I cut the images out and do to space restraints used the only the eagles letters, and the larger eagle.  I used a small paint brush and applied a light coating of Mod Podge to the back of the paper cut outs and carefully applied them to the front of the clock surface.  I placed in front of the fan, and when dry added additional Mod Podge over the top of the images.  I repeated this step twice,

Mod Podge Clock

This took less than a half hour to make and came out wonderfully!

Now are you ready for some football? Well at least you’ll know when the game is starting!

Sports Fan Clock made with Mod Podge



For The Record: Upcycling Vinyl

I have seen many exciting ways to upcycle old vinyl online, but the idea for me actually started when I stumbled upon an awesome shop on Etsy called ” It’s our earth” They upcycle records, and floppy discs into coasters, chip bowls and clocks just to name a few.  I was shopping online for Christmas and saw a clock made from a Thin Lizzy record, my husband’s favorite band.  I jumped at the chance to get it and the price was right.  It hangs proudly in our living room next to our 1970 Pioneer stereo cabinet. Most importantly, he loves it!

It's our earth upcycled record clock on Etsy

The plaque below it says “Life is a song and love is the music”

I loved all the great upcycling ideas for small record side tables, and they looked very easy to make.  It would also go nicely with the clock in our living room. I am a great lover of music and the sound of vinyl, so I scoured my collection for a record I had purchased from a dollar record bin that was damaged and unplayable.

Aerosmith Greatest Hits

Aerosmith is a cool band, but this  record was destroyed! It was perfect for making a record table.  I also had an old, weathered metal plant stand.  I cleaned it and spray painted it black and allowed it to dry.

Spray painted metal plant stand

I then simply used a high heat hot glued gun to adhere the record to the plant stand.

Upcycled Plant Stand Record Table

Not only a cute living room addition, but a great functional side table!

Record Side Table

Stay Calm and Craft- A Simple Wooden Tray Decoupage

Nothing helps me manage stress better than crafting and creating.  When I don’t put my nervous energy to good use, the anxiety levels within me rise.  When I am creating I feel as though my stress levels decrease and my positive energy increases, and I am a better, lesser stressed out version of myself.  When I am working on a piece of art or a craft project, it is one of the few times my mind is clear of all worry and I become completely focused.  I was feeling a bit stressed and this small and simple wooden tray decoupage craft was exactly what the Dr. ordered.

Little Wooden Tray

I picked this wooden tray up at A Goodwill store.  It was  marked with a red tag and on this day red tag items were 50% off.  This was a bargain item costing only 50 cents.  The wood on this piece was in very nice condition. I decided not to paint it, I chose a nice piece of Victorian Artwork and traced and cut the print to fit the inside of the tray.  I generously applied Mod Podge with a small foam craft brush to the inside of the tray.  I adhered the print carefully to the tray, smoothing the paper out as I applied it to the wood.  Once dry, I applied two coats of Mod Podge over top of the image to seal it. I used a paper towel and vaseline (works great on wood!) to shine and buff the wood.

Victorian Artwork Decoupage

Ah now that’s better!  Try a simple craft during a stressful day. You won’t regret it!

(and I think our Victorian model would agree!)


Printed Art

Small Wooden Tray

Mod Podge


Craft foam brush

Vaseline/cloth or paper towel