Upcycled Coffee Cans and Glass Jars

It has been a hectic few weeks and my upcycling ways have suffered a bit.  My free time has consisted of some travel, household chores, decorating for fall and getting my craft space in order.  I have a few projects in the works, but lately I feel like I am coming up mostly empty-handed during my Goodwill lunches.   During these lean crafting times, I try to work on the craft room.   I am hoping to share it one day, but alas it is far from finished.  I am still finding ways to organize supplies, and just hung some shelves: Progress!

A great way to organize paint brushes and general supplies are old coffee cans and glass jars.  I like to cover them with fabric using Mod Podge.  Glass covered jars not only make great lamps, they also are a decorative way to organize craft room supplies. Simply measure the fabric, cut,  and apply the Mod Podge and fabric to the outside of the coffee can.



Similar method can be used to apply fabric to glass jars, such as pickle jars, and spaghetti jars.  The possibilities and uses for these items are endless, and it is a great way to repurpose and recycle throw away items. What’s better than craft room storage for free?


Checkbook Cover Revival: Fabric Scraps and Mod Podge

Looking for an easy, fun project on a Sunday afternoon to do while you watch football?  I know I am! It has been a rough few days and I am hoping to relax on this lovely sunday and enjoy week one of the NFL games and cheer on our fantasy football team.  I have been on a small blogging hiatus, battling a nasty fall cold and continuing to go on with life as usual, work full-time, and as always, be a wife, and a mommy to a 2 year-old with an un-ending supply of energy.

It was my toddler apprentice who gave me the idea for today’s project.  My daughter was with me in our craft room the other day exploring as usual. She found some great scrap fabric to play with.  It made me think about ways I might be able to utilize these smaller fabric pieces, and then it hit me!  I had a tan checkbook cover that was in need of a revival.

I gathered what I would need:


Mod Podge

Scrap Fabric

Paint Brush

Black Marker


First, I opened the check book cover, laid it out flat and traced it onto the fabric with the black marker.  I cut the tracing, with a pair of scissors and placed aside.  I applied Mod Podge to the outside of the check book cover, generously with a paint brush.


I carefully applied the fabric to the checkbook smoothing it out with my hands.


I applied Mod Podge over the fabric and placed the checkbook in front of a fan to dry.


I repeated this process three more times, which left a nice,  smooth finish on the cover.  I decided to leave the inside as is.  I didn’t want the paper checks to “stick” to the inside cover.  Mod Podge is attracted to paper. (as it should be!)


What a great way to use fabric scraps and add a little life to your checkbook!