Rescued Vinyl And The Magic of Mod Podge

With the holidays officially over and the New Year off to a rather frigid start, I share with you the last project on my Christmas list this year.  Late last month, I posted a tutorial for Sports Inspired TV Trays which have turned out to be a popular item among family and friends. The beauty of restyling these tables are the limitless possibilities.

TV Tray before

These tables are neutral and relatively easy to work with.  One of my upcycled gift recipients is not big on sports, so I thought she might like to have a TV table, but with an alternate theme.  A while back, I created a table from an old record, and a plant stand. I used Aerosmith’s greatest hits record.  The record was not in playable shape, so I decided to recycle the LP and use it for a upcycle project. The family member receiving the gift is a huge Aerosmith fan, and I decided to use the album cover and decoupage it to the table top. Upon further inspection, the cover was in pretty rough shape, so in the end I decided not to use it.  The liner notes; however were in great shape, and a colorful purple with the Aerosmith winged symbol in the middle.


This seemed perfect for decoupage while incorporating something she and I hold close to our hearts~ records.  I have a collection too, mostly stocked through bargain bins.  It is not always easy to tell if a record is playable before purchase, and every so often you wind up purchasing a damaged record.  Not only can you reuse the record itself, but the artwork is perfect for decoupage.  Another example of this can be seen here from a previous post. Long live the LP!


For a full tutorial and some examples of TV tray table redesigns click here and here.


Strawberry Shortcake Sunday | CheekyGeeks

I want to thank Elise from Cheeky Geeks for featuring “On The Upcycle” during Geek month.  This week is retro week and what a better way to celebrate than with an upcycled Kids Strawberry Shortcake Record table and chair.  Be sure and check out my full tutorial on Cheeky Geeks.

Strawberry Shortcake Sunday | CheekyGeeks.

r\Retro Strawberry Shortcake Chair and Record table
Cheeky Geeks : Geek Month Celebration

Upcycled Strawberry Shortcake Kids Record Chair

For The Record: Upcycling Vinyl

I have seen many exciting ways to upcycle old vinyl online, but the idea for me actually started when I stumbled upon an awesome shop on Etsy called ” It’s our earth” They upcycle records, and floppy discs into coasters, chip bowls and clocks just to name a few.  I was shopping online for Christmas and saw a clock made from a Thin Lizzy record, my husband’s favorite band.  I jumped at the chance to get it and the price was right.  It hangs proudly in our living room next to our 1970 Pioneer stereo cabinet. Most importantly, he loves it!

It's our earth upcycled record clock on Etsy

The plaque below it says “Life is a song and love is the music”

I loved all the great upcycling ideas for small record side tables, and they looked very easy to make.  It would also go nicely with the clock in our living room. I am a great lover of music and the sound of vinyl, so I scoured my collection for a record I had purchased from a dollar record bin that was damaged and unplayable.

Aerosmith Greatest Hits

Aerosmith is a cool band, but this  record was destroyed! It was perfect for making a record table.  I also had an old, weathered metal plant stand.  I cleaned it and spray painted it black and allowed it to dry.

Spray painted metal plant stand

I then simply used a high heat hot glued gun to adhere the record to the plant stand.

Upcycled Plant Stand Record Table

Not only a cute living room addition, but a great functional side table!

Record Side Table