Decoupage your Cell Phone: Take Two

Back on May 28th, I posted an entry regarding decoupaging your smart phone called Crafting Is Worth The Risk.  At the time it was unknown as to how such a project would turn out.   I actually  loved it, and decided to decoupage my computer tablet as well.   I received so many compliments on my phone case!  If they only knew!  Cell phone cases can be quite expensive, and this is certainly is a thrifty way to add an artistic flare to your phone without spending a lot of money, but what happens  when you decoupage your phone, but need a change?  No problem!

I wanted to change my smart phone’s look to something more colorful.  I loved the scrapbook paper I used on my tablet.  I had a small piece of this paper left and decided to use it to update my phone’s look.  It was fairly easy to remove the old decoupage, I simply peeled it off with my fingers and cleaned the back of the phone cover and removed any of the old dried, Mod Podge.  I was surprised, because the decoupage held up amazingly well, and I didn’t think it would be so easy to remove.   I then repeated the same process I used during my initial restyle.  I removed the back of the phone, and traced this  on to the back of the paper with a pen, and using an X-Acto knife I carefully trimmed the areas such as the speaker and camera lens.  I applied Mod Podge directly to the phone cover to adhere the paper and then applied multiple coats over top to seal.

A few additional phone decoupage tips:

Use Mod Podge Matte finish as the gloss finish I find dries tacky!

Be careful and keep your phone dry (Decoupage or not this is always a good tip!)

Always remove the cover from the phone before you start.  (Don’t want any glue finding its way in any of the phone’s electronic components.)

Do not place a decoupage phone on another decoupaged item such as a table.  The two mod podged surfaces will “stick” to each other!

Before Decoupaging, If your phone is under warranty, be sure and check if altering your phone in any way, could void the phone’s warranty (read the fine print)

For a more detailed tutorial, please see Restyle Your Smart Phone.

Restyle your cell phone/smart phone


Crafting is worth the Risk! Restyle your Smart Phone with Decoupage

Restyle your cell phone/smart phone

I was driving into work the other day and this crazy thought popped into my head.  What if I could decoupage my smart phone?  Sure it may seem like a strange and risky idea at first and If I had a super fancy expensive phone I may reconsider.  I have an entry level phone so I felt I  had nothing to lose. I had gone through about six different cell phone covers.  Many cases never correctly fit the phone and the others broke easily.  I popped the back cover off and thought to myself I could do this!  First, I tried using wrapping paper.  It was a nice pattern I bought from the dollar store.  It proved hard to work with because it was super thin and I scrapped that idea after a failed attempt left tears and wrinkles.  I used instead, scrapbook paper which is thicker and more durable.  I traced the phone cover onto the paper making sure to trace the various openings on the phone.  I used an x acto knife to cut the tracing, carefully cutting the openings for the camera and speaker on the phone. I used Mod Podge Matte finish to adhere the scrapbook paper to the phone cover smoothing out the edges.  I then sealed the outside of the cover with seven layers of Mod Podge allowing each layer to dry thoroughly between applications. I was pleasantly surprised with the result!


Materials used:

Mod Podge Matte Finish

X Acto knife

black fine tip marker or pencil

Scrapbook paper (design of your choice)

Medium sized artist paint brush