Checking In While Checking Out: Upcycled Photo Refrigerator Magnets

As I was on-line at the thrift store waiting to check out, I noticed they had a bunch of refrigerator magnets behind the counter. I began to drift off in thought and Then it hit me! I imagined these would make great DIY photo magnets and they were only .59 cents each! I decided to buy two of them for this project.


I printed wallet sized photos on my printer I wanted to use. I then traced the magnet onto the back of the photos.  I cut them out with scissors, and set aside.  I applied the Mod Podge to the surface of the magnet, and carefully adhered the photo to the surface.  Once dry I applied the Mod Podge over top and allowed to dry in front of the fan.

This was a great Monday night project, simple and easy and there is no better way to upcycle old magnets then using family photos!