So Happy Together! 1960’s Mod Style Coffee Table And Mini Toy Box.

So Happy Together!  1960's Mod Style Coffee Table And Mini Toy Box.

I spent most of the day today getting our daughters playroom together, running errands and trying to sort through a craft room that consists of more junk than crafts. I am hoping one day it will be pretty enough to share with you, but my guess is that is a bit farther into the future. Needless to say, I didn’t have much time to craft today, but I wanted to share this snap shot of my daughter’s playroom coffee table and toy box. I love how the bright fabric brings color and “pop” into our red family room. I have a new appreciation of fabrics and textiles and how much they can bring to a space. ┬áThe Coffee table surface is also holding up nicely and I use a baby wipe to clean it and it works great.