A Friendly Following: DIY Blog Promotion


I was at the fabric store today buying fabric for a chair I am currently working on, and I struck up a conversation with two very nice ladies buying fabric at the counter.  I was telling them what I planned on doing with the fabric I was buying, and we started talking about Mod Podge and all the great things you can make with it.  Sometimes it is easier for others to visualize what you are trying to explain, so  I showed them a picture on my phone of one of my upcycled chairs.  They were interested in seeing more of what I do. I scrambled for a piece of paper and managed to write my website info on the back of a n old coupon.   I am interested in reaching as many creative people as I can.  It is not unusual for people to come up and start talking to me.  I am generally a friendly person and I guess I have a friendly face because it happens a lot!  I am always happy to share ideas with like-minded people.   It made me think, I needed something a bit more professional to spread the word about “On The Upcycle.” I used Microsoft Word Starter Software to make these cards. I was able to download a business card template and insert the “On The Upcycle” logo and text.  I printed the cards out on my printer, and the result is what you see above.  What do you think?  Does anyone have business cards that spread the word when it comes to your blog?

Lastly, I want to shout a big “Thank you!” to all 101 of you who have chosen to follow me on my humble little blog. It means so much and inspires me to keep creating. Nothing beats the WordPress Community!


7 thoughts on “A Friendly Following: DIY Blog Promotion

  1. craftymadre says:

    Congrats on passing the 100 follower mark! You totally deserve it. I’m “nominating” you for the Liebster award, basically a way to spread love around the blog world. If you want, you can pass it on to some of your favorite blogs.


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