Stay Calm and Craft- A Simple Wooden Tray Decoupage

Nothing helps me manage stress better than crafting and creating.  When I don’t put my nervous energy to good use, the anxiety levels within me rise.  When I am creating I feel as though my stress levels decrease and my positive energy increases, and I am a better, lesser stressed out version of myself.  When I am working on a piece of art or a craft project, it is one of the few times my mind is clear of all worry and I become completely focused.  I was feeling a bit stressed and this small and simple wooden tray decoupage craft was exactly what the Dr. ordered.

Little Wooden Tray

I picked this wooden tray up at A Goodwill store.  It was  marked with a red tag and on this day red tag items were 50% off.  This was a bargain item costing only 50 cents.  The wood on this piece was in very nice condition. I decided not to paint it, I chose a nice piece of Victorian Artwork and traced and cut the print to fit the inside of the tray.  I generously applied Mod Podge with a small foam craft brush to the inside of the tray.  I adhered the print carefully to the tray, smoothing the paper out as I applied it to the wood.  Once dry, I applied two coats of Mod Podge over top of the image to seal it. I used a paper towel and vaseline (works great on wood!) to shine and buff the wood.

Victorian Artwork Decoupage

Ah now that’s better!  Try a simple craft during a stressful day. You won’t regret it!

(and I think our Victorian model would agree!)


Printed Art

Small Wooden Tray

Mod Podge


Craft foam brush

Vaseline/cloth or paper towel


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