The Cats Meow: Repurposed Cookie Jar Planter

In my kitchen recently while organizing and cleaning, I came across this great white cat cookie jar I had for many years that I picked up at a yard sale.  When I originally purchased it, I knew nothing about it.  It had a slight crack in the front.  Through the years, the straw hat was broken and missing, and it sat for 7 years collecting dust on the top of the kitchen cabinet.

I took it down and gave it a look.  Thanks to the internet I discovered it is a Metlox Cookie Jar.  Turns out they are vintage and very collectible when in good condition. Online they go for between $35.00 to $125.00! Of course this cat had seen better days, and wouldn’t be worth anything with a cracked nose and a missing hat.

I am starting to begin to think my upcycling ways are beginning to rub off on my husband.  When I scratched my head as to what to do with it he suggested a planter!

Upcycled Broken Metlox Cookie jar

What a great idea!  I purchased a small fall mum and placed it inside the jar.  Since there are no holes at the bottom of the jar, I left the mum in its original container so the water can properly drain away from the plants roots. Recently, I lost my beautiful cat Clyde at the age of 17 to kidney disease.  I created a memorial garden in his honor,  and I thought this would make a great addition to it. A great way to upcycle an old cookie jar!

Metlox Broken Cookie Jar Upcycle

Feline Memorial Garden


My daughter was more interested in the wind chime, but loves to help mom in the garden and in the craft room.  She is my little toddler apprentice after all.





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