Just For Fun: Rainbow Brite Decoupage Tote Bag

I have been intrigued recently by the idea of using decoupage on purses and suitcases. This requires me to work with different materials I have not tried before, and overcoming certain obstacles such as shape, texture and overall size. I thought this tote bag would be a great practice project, and a cute item to carry/store my daughter’s toys in.


Their was an overall texture to the bag and I was not sure how the Mod Podge would adhere to it. I was concerned at the possibility that the texture underneath the paper would make the decoupage appear wrinkled.  I printed out an image of the Rainbow Brite characters.  I trimmed the image with a pair of scissors.   I applied Mod Podge to the bag surface with a foam craft brush carefully smoothing out any wrinkles in the paper.  Once dry,  I applied multiple coats of Mod Podge over the image. (The more coats on synthetics/plastics, the better the bond) It appeared to adhere to the bag well, but I have been burned by plastic/synthetic surfaces before.  The Mod Podge simply does not adhere well to these surfaces. Through constant use by two year-old hands, only time will tell the durability of this project. I would guess that canvas would be a bit more “user friendly” The decoupage looks great and the surface does not appear to have affected the paper much.  I hope my toddler appreciates Rainbow Brite as much as her mommy does!

Rainbow Brite Decoupage Tote bag


Tote bag

Print for decoupage

Mod Podge


foam craft brush


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