Happy 1st Birthday On The Upcycle!

On the Upcycle 1st Anniversary

On April 27th 2013, “On The Upcycle” Blog debuted with its first official project, Wooden Rocking Horse Re-do.  In celebration of our first birthday, below are the top 5 most viewed posts “On The Upcycle”



Top 5 most viewed On The Upcycle Posts:

1. Upcycled Spaghetti Jar Lamp

Spaghetti Jar Lamp Made with fabric and Mod Podge

Recycle glass jars into decorative lights using fabric and Mod Podge. 

2. On The Upcycle Style Kitchen Table Makeover

Table Re Surface using fabric

Need to resurface your old table top?  Never fear, you can do wonders with fabric, Mod Podge and Polyurethane.

3. Novelty TV Trays Revisited

Decoupage Sports Team TV Trays

Have an old boring TV tray?  Transform it using the novelty print of your choice, Mod Podge and paint.

4. Design On A Nickel: Bathroom Cabinet Decoupage Makeover

Fabric, Decoupage and Paint Bathroom Cabinet Makeover

Want to change the look of your bathroom cabinet on a strict budget? Learn the magic of redesign using fabric and Mod Podge.

5. DIY Photo Canvas Made With Mod Podge

Family Photo Canvas

Learn how to recreate those expensive photo canvas’s with this easy DIY photo project.

A special “Thank You” to everyone who viewed, commented and liked On The Upcycle posts throughout year one.  I couldn’t have kept it going without you!

Keep on Upcycling!


10 thoughts on “Happy 1st Birthday On The Upcycle!

  1. kathy & deb says:

    Congratulations–a year of blogging is a big deal! I always come away from your posts with an idea for now or later; thank you!.


  2. Love the blog! Often, when I am in a thrift shop or at a yard sale, contemplating if I can refinish a particular piece, I ask myself “What would the OntheUpcycle Mom do with this?” So keep up the good work and Happy Birthday!


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