Sesame Street Birthday decorations made from construction paper

As we get closer to our daughter’s 2nd birthday party this Saturday, I thought I would share some tips from last year’s party.  One of the more expensive elements of throwing a party, other than food is the party decorations.  My husband and I always try to follow a budget the best we can.  We plan, make lists and try to keep costs down, but in this current economy that can sometimes be difficult.  Our theme last year was Sesame Street and since my daughter is still obsessed with these characters, I didn’t stray too far this year from her 1st birthday theme.  Her theme this year is all her favorite Sprout channel characters with a patriotic twist in celebration of Memorial Day.  Stay tuned for more on this idea.

Last year, I created most of her decorations from construction paper and glue.  I searched the internet for all her favorite Sesame characters and used the more basic cartoon images as a guide for making the different characters.  Most of the characters are based on simple shapes, so I drew these shapes onto the construction paper, cut them out and glued together to form the individual characters.  Pretty simple, cost effective, and I think they turned out great and are unique in their own way. I also summoned my old elementary school days cutting out strips of construction paper and making paper chains.  I also used re-cycled gift bags and anything else I could get my hands on, cut out and make into a party decoration.  There are so many great ideas on Pinterest as well, much more than I could ever try myself.  Let your imagination run wild and in the process save a little money!

Elmo Birthday Decoration

Sesame Street sign made from construction paper

Bert and Ernie Birthday Decoration

Oscar Trash Can

Sesame Street Decorations


Happy 2nd Birthday to my little toddler apprentice!

Today, I digress from the usual craft Ideas, love of Mod Podge and paint to wish our daughter Erin a very Happy Birthday!

2 years ago today at 6:05 pm,  I received life’s most precious gift.  The birth of our daughter Erin changed our lives in so many ways. My husband and I are beyond blessed everyday to know such a happy, kind, sweet little soul such as hers.  We are so honored god chose us, to hold her in our hands, watch over, and teach the ways of the world in the hopes that one day she can go on to have a happy, healthy life of her own. So much of what I do is inspired by her laughter and smiles!  It keeps us going despite life’s everyday difficulties.

I will be shifting gears this week in preparation of Erin’s party this Saturday.  Since we are having it this upcoming Memorial day weekend, we chose a patriotic theme and will be incorporating all her favorite Sprout channel characters.  We are so excited to have our family and friends celebrate her with us! I will continue posting through out the week and will share any upcoming birthday developments and ideas with all of you.  I already have a few craft ideas up my sleeve for her party so stay tuned!  Should be a wonderfully busy week!


My little Toddler Apprentice