Fredrika Fabric Corner Shelf Makeover: A Final Farewell

I was a bit sad when I realized I was running out of one of my favorite thrift store finds,  Fredrika Fabric from Ikea. It is amazing when I think of all the great projects restyled with this fabric, most of which currently reside in our daughter’s playroom.  Ahh the upcycling memories.  First it was a little wooden step stool, then many more followed, lost basement table, 1960’s Coffee Table, Repurposed Umbrella Holder/Toybox and even a Garden Pig Makeover!

We needed a shelf in the playroom out of our daughter’s reach.  We had a great baseball lamp my sister gave to us as a gift, and we needed a place to display it on. The playroom still has a sporty theme coupled with a girly mod look.  I found this great corner shelf at Goodwill for $2.99 and I snatched it up!


I had just enough fabric to cover the surface with a few scrap pieces to spare. I traced the shelf on the fabric and cut the tracing with a pair of scissors.  I applied Mod Podge to the shelf surface and carefully placed the fabric on top.  Once dry, I applied Mod Podge over it to seal it.


The most difficult part of this project was hanging the shelf!  It had 3 slots which required three screws hung on the wall precisely.


I love how this turned out and so simple to make!  You can “jazz” up ordinary furniture and decor and make it a unique expression of your own personal home style!  This project was certainly bitter-sweet.  I will miss you.  Farewell Fredrika!


Decoupage To The Rescue! Lost Basement Table Gets A Makeover

Last stop before curbside in our house has always been the basement.  This poor glass table had been banished to the basement for seven years, the entire time we have lived in our house!  It was pushed in a corner and with flower pots and miscellaneous basement junk stacked on top of it and covered in spider webs. My husband and I try to keep the basement clean, and clutter free, but it is not always easy.  As much as we dislike our basement’s dampness, cement walls and floors, the spiders seem to love it! That’s good because they help control the other bugs crawling around down there! yuck!  If any item deserved a little TLC, and a makeover it was this table! I cleaned it in our utility sink and brought it upstairs.  The glass was easily removable, and the table cleaned up nicely.

Basement Rolling Glass Table Rescue

I laid out the fabric,  I was using on the floor and traced the glass on to the back of the fabric with a fine tipped marker.  I cut the tracings with scissors, and set the fabric aside. It is amazing that a pair of curtains bought at Goodwill, and originally sold by Ikea has been used in 5 previous projects on this blog! These curtains were a great buy and I still have scrap pieces left.  When I started doing this, I was shocked at the high cost of fabric. I always make sure I take a walk by the linens aisle at the thrift stores. Old bed sheets and curtains are great for  furniture re-styles because of their durability and come in great patterns.  You can still purchase this fabric called “Fredrika” through Ikea here.  I love it! For me, Even though it is modern made, it has a 60’s flower power appeal, and I love the colorful textiles from that era.


I generously applied the Mod Podge, with a paint brush to the outside of the glass.


Then, I carefully applied the fabric to the glass, smoothing it out with my hands.  I repeated this three times once for each piece of glass.  I allowed the pieces to dry in front of a fan. Once dry,  I applied Mod Podge over the top of the fabric to coat the surface.  I applied 3 coats to each table top.


Ta da! The colorful fabric turned a dirty and dusty table bound for the junkyard, into a colorful, and fun piece!  A true basement rescue!

Upcycled Rolling Glass Table Restyled with Ikea Fabric