Calling all Upcyclers: Projects Needed for The Second Edition Of The Green Crafts Lifestyle!

A few months ago, I was honored when “On The Upcycle” was featured in the very first edition of the Amazon E-book The Green Crafts Lifestyle.  The author of that book the lovely Mahe-Zehra-Husain is gathering new submissions for the 2nd edition of the Green Crafts Lifestyle.  If you like to craft green, this is a great opportunity to get your work published and increase readership to your blog. Be sure and check it out!

Altered Upcycling


“On The Upcycle” Featured In A New Book~”The Green Crafts Lifestyle”

I am excited to announce the arrival today of the new Amazon book for Kindle by the very talented Mahe Zehra Husain known by her fans as MZ.  She has an amazing green crafting company and website called Altered Upcycling.  Make sure and check it out!   “The Green Crafts Lifestyle”  is now available for download on Amazon for only $4.99!  I have been privileged enough to take a peek inside and it has some amazing green crafts, and features upcycling artists from around the world.  It also features artist bios and my very first step by step photo tutorial.  You can buy it here: 

Altered Upcycle Available on Amazon

Tomorrow’s blog will feature my “Secret Americana Project” An Upcycled, American classic, Windsor back chair.  A project that is debuted in the book. I was unable to share it with my readers…Until now!

When I started this blog back in April, I couldn’t have imagined having a oppurtunity such as this!  I am featured with some of the most talented and amazing artists, and quite frankly, I am not sure that I am even close to being in their league!  I feel very honored and grateful.

I would like to send out a special Thank You to Katherine from Pillows A-La Mode who encouraged me to “throw my hat into the ring” with this project. Make sure and visit her craft blog.  She is an amazing talent! It is an exciting first for me, just a simple working mom from NJ who loves to create!  Thanks also to all my readers for your support,  It means more than you know!