A Halloween Treat

We had a great time tonight, handing out candy to the kids, and taking our daughter trick or treating in our neighborhood.  It brought me back to when I was just a kid with a pillow case and a dream!  I remembered the excitement I felt running from house to house collecting candy.  Our little butterfly seemed to get the hang of the art of trick or treating easily and was happily carrying her bucket which seemed to fill up rather quickly!

Trick Or Treat


Hope everyone had a Safe and Happy Halloween!

Looking for some fun Halloween crafts?  Check out: Kitty Cat Halloween Candy Tray and Decorative Black Cat Halloween lamp.


Purrific Candy Cats: Upcycled Halloween Candy Tray

While I was out thrifting yesterday, I picked up this great little wicker tray with a hard unfinished wooden bottom, and two handles. This tray was stamped underneath as made by Corning.  It was a bit of a mystery as to what this tray was used for in its current state.  It was certainly priced right and stamped with a red tag marked 50% off and cost only $1.00.

Mystery Wicker Tray

I had an idea since it is close to Halloween to repurpose this item into a Halloween candy tray.  Using a flat tray instead of a deep one, enables the kids to pick the candy that they like best.  I had some great left over Halloween themed spooky black cat fabric I purchased at Joann Fabric.  The same fabric I used for DIY Upcycled Decorative Halloween Lamp.  I gathered the materials needed for this project.

Wooden Tray

Mod Podge

Black Acrylic Paint

Spooky Halloween Fabric

Paint Brush/Fine Tipped Marker

Foam Craft Brush/Scissors

First, I painted the tray areas that would not be covered by fabric with a medium-sized paint brush,  I used a couple of coats and allowed it to dry thoroughly between coats.

Painted Tray

Once dry, I traced the bottom of the tray on to the back of the fabric with the black fine tipped marker.  I carefully cut the fabric out with a pair of scissors.  I placed the fabric aside and applied Mod Podge to the tray surface with a foam craft brush.  I carefully placed the fabric on the tray surface and smoothed out any wrinkles with my hands.  I allowed this to dry and then applied Mod Podge over the painted areas, and the fabric surface.

Upcycled Halloween Candy Tray-Black Cats

Now the hubby and I can pass out candy in spooky black cat style! This can also be used as a serving tray for ghastly goodies. What crafts do you have planned this Halloween?

Halloween Tray made with Mod Podge

It’s Raining Black Cats: DIY Upcycled Decorative Halloween Lamp

Hands down, Autumn is my favorite time of year.  From Pumpkin coffee to homes decorated with colorful mums, It is apparent fall is here and Halloween is just around the corner.  What better way to celebrate the most fun and certaintly most spookiest of holidays than with an upcycle craft celebrating All Hallows Eve?

I visited Joann Fabric and picked up some festive material featuring very scary black cats in different poses.  I thought the orange-colored background would look nicely when the lamp light shines through it.



Halloween fabric of choice

Small lamp base

Dollar Store Glass Vase (You can also use a glass jar)

Mod Podge

Scissors/Paint Brush/thin tipped black marker


First, I wrapped the fabric around the outside of the vase and trimmed with scissors.  I traced the bottom of the glass vase on the back of the fabric.  I cut the circle of material out and placed it aside,  I applied Mod Podge to the outside of the glass with a brush and carefully wrapped the material around it smoothing it out with my hands.  I cut a piece of twine off the spool and tied it around what would be the base of the lamp.  Doing this helps add a decorative touch and holds the fabric in place while drying,


I  stood the vase up and applied the last piece of fabric to what would be the top of the lamp.  Once applied, I covered the entire outside with Mod Podge.


Once the piece was dry, I added one additional coat of Mod Podge to the lamp and fabric.  What is great about these lamps is the capability to use one lamplight base and switch out different decorated glass jars and vases to create new decorative lighting looks.

DIY Decorative Halloween lamp made with Mod Podge and fabric

Hope you enjoy my festive feline Halloween lamp!  ahhh I can taste the candy corn now!