A Halloween Treat

We had a great time tonight, handing out candy to the kids, and taking our daughter trick or treating in our neighborhood.  It brought me back to when I was just a kid with a pillow case and a dream!  I remembered the excitement I felt running from house to house collecting candy.  Our little butterfly seemed to get the hang of the art of trick or treating easily and was happily carrying her bucket which seemed to fill up rather quickly!

Trick Or Treat


Hope everyone had a Safe and Happy Halloween!

Looking for some fun Halloween crafts?  Check out: Kitty Cat Halloween Candy Tray and Decorative Black Cat Halloween lamp.


One thought on “A Halloween Treat

  1. sedrate organizes says:

    We had loads of fun too, I can’t get over how polite everyone is in this city we’ve moved too, not only the adults but the kids too. My kids did at best 20 houses, filled their bags and decided to call it a night. Then they got a big kick out of throwing candy in other people’s bags.


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