A Day in The Life Of The Animals At America’s First Zoo

The daughter and I were invited by a friend to the Philadelphia Zoo today and we had a wonderful time! It was unseasonably warm for a day in October and it felt more like summer than fall.  Seeing the animals was a great opportunity to enjoy one of my other hobbies, photography.  I took the Nikon to the zoo with us and broke out the closeup lens and started shooting.












The toddler apprentice especially enjoyed the otters.  Hope you enjoyed getting to know our wild friends!


Take Me Out To The Ballgame.

Take Me Out To The Ballgame.

Nothing beats a beautiful summer night at the ballpark with the family. We headed toward the shore to attend Irish Heritage Night and catch a Lake wood Blue Claws Game. While there, we saw the most beautiful sunset over the ballpark. The night ended with fireworks. a wonderful time!



So Happy Together! 1960’s Mod Style Coffee Table And Mini Toy Box.

So Happy Together!  1960's Mod Style Coffee Table And Mini Toy Box.

I spent most of the day today getting our daughters playroom together, running errands and trying to sort through a craft room that consists of more junk than crafts. I am hoping one day it will be pretty enough to share with you, but my guess is that is a bit farther into the future. Needless to say, I didn’t have much time to craft today, but I wanted to share this snap shot of my daughter’s playroom coffee table and toy box. I love how the bright fabric brings color and “pop” into our red family room. I have a new appreciation of fabrics and textiles and how much they can bring to a space.  The Coffee table surface is also holding up nicely and I use a baby wipe to clean it and it works great.