Sports Fan Inspired Upcycled Laundry Room Folding Table

My husband and I have been working on each room in the house, cleaning reorganizing and coming up with new ideas for old items.  One of the areas that needed attention was our basement/laundry area. Our basement is damp and unfinished and keeping it clean is quite a challenge. It also serves as our laundry area.  We have a table in our basement we used in our kitchen for many years. We now use the table for folding and basement storage.  When we moved into our home six years ago, our kitchen was too small for such a large table so it was delegated to the basement.


I am blessed to have a husband that helps with the household chores, especially the chores I hate!  One of these chores is doing laundry and he graciously does the family laundry every Sunday evening.  He is also a huge Phillies fan through good times and bad. While we were grocery shopping, we came across a Philadelphia Phillies plastic table-cloth in a bargain bin. It was priced right at $1.69.


I thought it would be great to redo the grungy basement table into a Phillies fan table, and a great way to thank the hubby for all of the laundry he does!  My only concern was that the table cover was plastic.  As stated in previous posts, Mod Podge doesn’t always adhere well to certain plastics.  I thought this would be a great experiment as I had never used a plastic table-cloth for decoupage.  First, I cleaned and painted the table surface with a white latex primer.  This was important because the table cloth was white and the brown surface could potentially bleed through the white table-cloth.


Once the paint was dry, I generously applied Mod Podge to the table surface with a large paintbrush.  I carefully layed the table cloth on top of the Mod Podge table surface.  This was the most challenging aspect of the project as the table cloth material is thin and prone to wrinkles and air bubbles.  The table cover also is spread across a larger surface area.  I smoothed out the table cover as best I could and applied Mod Podge over the top of the cover and allowed it to dry. I used scissors to carefully trim away the excess table cover hanging over the edges.

DSC_0915I used two coats of a polyurethane clear coat to seal the table surface, I allowed the first coat to dry for 4 hours and the second was left to dry over night.  I applied additional Mod Podge to the edges to prevent any minor curling.  This project was certainly not without its challenges, but despite these I think it turned out great.  The hubby may have lost his sports room to a playroom, but his laundry room is on its way to becoming a surrogate man cave!

Phillies sports Fan Table decoupage table cover


A Gift For Mom: Decoupage Sports Team Hand Painted Wooden Tray

My Mom is a big New York Yankees fan and I wanted to make her something special for her birthday.  I was in Goodwill this past week and came across an unfinished wooden craft tray.  Someone had started to paint the tray, and I could see a pencil outline of a man and a woman in a boat.  Obviously, it was a craft that was started with good intention and never finished.  In my haste to begin this project, I didn’t take a before picture.  There are many wooden trays available at Thrift shops and craft stores.  For an example of this, click here.

The tray was unfinished for the most part and ready to paint. I painted over the previous pencil tracing and paint with a bit of white latex primer before getting started.   I printed the Yankee logo I wanted to use on my printer.  I traced this on to the middle of the tray’s surface.  I wanted to avoid painting this portion of the tray so that the color would not bleed through the print when I was ready to decoupage it on.

I painted the tray’s inside red, and the rest in Yankee’s Royal Blue. I placed it aside and I allowed it to dry in front of a stand up fan.  I then applied Mod Podge to the unpainted area with a foam craft brush in the middle of the tray.  I very carefully applied the print logo to the tray, smoothing out any air bubbles or wrinkles with my hands.  While I allowed this to dry, I touched up any painted areas that needed it. Once completely dry, I sealed the entire piece with Mod Podge.  My Mom loved it and we had lunch yesterday to celebrate her day!  Happy Birthday Mom!




Unfinished Wooden Tray

Acrylic Paint

Mod Podge


Scissors/foam craft brush

White latex primer (optional)