Living On The Upcycle: Money Saving Tips and More!

For those of you who have decided to follow my little DIY Blog, I can’t thank you enough.  It’s been about two months now since I started blogging, and I have really enjoyed the sense of online community here on Word Press.  Those of you who have been following me and my decoupage obsession have seen me use scrapbook paper on many of my projects.  I wanted to share with you the book of papers featured on my blog.  I purchased this scrapbook paper book at AC Moore for about $12.99 and it features damask and other patterns in mostly black and white.  I still have some sheets left, but have used many of the patterns featured inside.


Recently, I had to purchase more Mod Podge Matte as I was in danger of running out.  We all know Mod Podge can be expensive.  When you restyle a lot of bigger projects such as furniture you can end up using a lot of the stuff.  I have been to a few craft stores locally, and so far the only one I have seen that sells Mod Podge by the gallon is AC Moore.  A gallon of Mod Podge is priced at $36.99!  Ouch!  The key is to wait until they feature the 50% off one regular priced item coupon. On a recent trip with the store coupon I saved over $18.00 off the price!  When the cashier keeps saying “Wow you saved a lot!” you know you got a great deal!  For current coupons and deals visit AC Moore Online

Mod Podge by the Gallon

Lastly, I have been working on an “On The Upcycle”  Logo.  I want to say thanks to Re:Retro for posting her blog entry Retro Office Stuff  featuring the retro Dymo label maker. I am a sucker for old, retro things and I just happened to have a Dymo label maker that I hadn’t used in a really long time.  Her blog entry inspired me to knock off the dust, have some fun, and use it again.  I came up with these logos.  To me it says what is old can be new again : )

On the Upcycle logo


On the Upcycle BW