Decoupage Mania-Restyling your home with Mod Podge

I am starting to think I have a problem.  I am addicted to decoupage!  My husband and friends joke with me that soon all that I have will be decoupaged, (including my underwear) and they may be right!  I am hooked.  The reasons are it looks great, and is an inexpensive way to restyle a home.  I also admit, I am a restless soul who can ever seem to sit even for one moment, and when I do, I am busy contemplating my next project or idea.  One of these areas in our home is at the top of our stairs in the hallway.  I believe it was intended to be a vanity.  There is a mirror and an outlet close by.  I basically use it as an area to display my husband’s mother’s blue vase.  (She passed away many years ago, so it means a lot to have an item of hers displayed in our home) and a small lighted Christmas tree during the holidays.   For a while I had considered tiling the area, but that would be quite an extensive project, although I know it would have looked amazing! Then I thought to myself, Why not decoupage it?  It’s similar to wall papering after all.

I used some scrapbook paper with a fairly neutral design.  I simply cleaned the area as best I could and applied Mod Podge Matte with a large paintbrush to the area.  I cut the paper in sections, trying to match the design the best I could so that it would appear as seamless as possible.  I smoothed out any air bubbles using my hand this time. (A bit messy but it worked rather well , and luckily the bathroom sink was nearby so no permanent mess to deal with.)  I placed a fan in front of it to help it dry quicker.  I then used multiple coats of Mod Podge to seal it (about three full coats overall.)  Now it looks neater as the original surface, looked rough even when I had painted it.  I find it is safe to clean a Mod Podged surface with a damp cloth.  I have even used a Clorox wipe and it was fine!  Overall I am happy with how this turned out and I think it makes the area look neater and adds a little “pop”  I was imagining other surfaces this could be tried on.  Window sills instantly come to mind as well as the bathroom cabinet.  No surface is my house is safe from decoupage! ; 0 )

built is wall vanity  before