Flea Market Bar Cabinet Makeover

My husband and I picked up this wooden cabinet many years back at a local outdoor flea market.  It  had two mirrored bar signs glued to the door and was a perfect “novelty” cabinet for our bar.  We acquired quite a few shot glasses over time, collecting them as an inexpensive souvenirs wherever we traveled.  This cabinet was a perfect way to store them.

Now that the bar has become a distant memory in our family friendly household, this cabinet sat on the floor in our spare bedroom with the shot glasses still in it increasing the chances of something getting broken. The  signs began to fall off, so I decided to remove them all together.  I planned to restyle this cabinet and hang it in a much safer place-Our kitchen.


I used a scraper, to remove the access glue front the door and cleaned the cabinet with a wet wipe.  I removed the knob and door and set aside.  The cabinet was heavily lacquered so I used a white latex sealer to prime the cabinet before getting started.

Removed door and Primed

I used fabric to cover the outside of the door and glued it to the wood with Mod Podge, I then applied a thick coating of Mod Podge with a Large brush to the top of the fabric.  Once dry, I trimmed the excess fabric away from the door with a pair of scissors.  I painted the entire cabinet with black acrylic paint except for the inside and shelves. Once dry, I applied Mod Podge over the entire piece.  I spray painted the knob white, and once everything was completely dry, I re-attached the cabinet door and knob.

I hung the cabinet in our kitchen by our table, with its much more sophisticated look, It is a great place to store our souvenir glasses!

Restyled cabinet using paint and Mod Podge

Inside wooden shelves


Wooden Cabinet


Mod Podge

Black acrylic paint

White latex primer

White spray paint

Small and large paint brush


Before and After:

Cabinet Re done


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