Ugly Accent Table Upcycle-A Little Fabric Goes A Long Way!

We have all seen these tables at various discount stores.  Made from wood and particle board, They are functional as an accent table/side table, but that is probably the only positive selling point (other than price.)  I would call this piece of furniture an”entry level” piece for those just starting out.  A new table sells for about $9.99 at Bed Bath and Beyond I think it is amusing that they describe this table as “decorative” I see nothing decorative about it!

Round Wooden Table

I picked up one of these tables at Goodwill, priced nicely at $2.99.  This table was screaming for a makeover.  Since the table is plain un lacquered wood and particle board, no priming or sanding is needed before you get started, so it is also a great first furniture upcycle project that can be completed during the course of an evening.


Round Wooden Table

Mod Podge Matte Finish

Fabric of choice

Black and White Acrylic Paint

Scissors and a black fine tipped marker

Table Top

This table comes apart easily which is a definite plus.  I unscrewed the legs and put them aside. I traced the table top on to the fabric with a black, fine tipped marker (the side without the design)   I generously applied the Mod Podge to the table surface and carefully applied the fabric to the table top allowing about an extra inch of fabric to fall over the sides of the table.  I applied more Mod Podge to the top of the fabric to seal it. I placed the table top aside and allowed to dry under a stand up fan. I then painted the legs white with acrylic paint.  I love adding the black paint to the bottom portion of the legs to add additional “color pop” which I love.  Once the paint was dry, I covered the entire table with another layer of Mod Podge to seal it.

Now that’s what I would call decorative!

Restyled Side Table made with cloth and Mod Podge



Before and After:

Cheap wooden accent table upcycle before and after


5 thoughts on “Ugly Accent Table Upcycle-A Little Fabric Goes A Long Way!

    • I used only Mod Podge to glue the fabric to the table surface and then applied Mod Podge on top of the fabric. The Mod Podge will dry clear. The more coats I find the more smooth the surface will become. Depends also on what type of fabric used. This is cotton a sheet like material. When I traced it I alowed an overhang of fabric. Once the Mod Podge dried, It is easy to trim with a box cutter knife. Probably should have mentianed that! I did not do the underside of the table, but you can paint it if you like. Hope this helps : )


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