What it means to be a Good Neighbor: A nomination and Aqua Corps.


It has been a hectic week of travel  with not much time for crafting.  Yesterday, I was so pleased to find out my blog “On The Upcycle” was nominated for a Good Neighbor award.  The Good Neighbor Award is for someone you’ve met in the blogging world you wish could be your real-life neighbor.   Thanks to Katherine from Pillows Ala Mode for sponsoring such an award.  I was truly honored and touched that someone took the time out of their day to say something nice about something I care so much about!  I wish Katherine a very happy 2nd blogging anniversary and thank her for all the support she has shown to someone new to this world!  Talk about an amazing neighbor! Congratulations to Crafty Staci who won the award and grand prize!  Check out all the nominees here!

It made me think that being a good neighbor also means helping the less fortunate people around you.  My friend told me about a local group in the area that helps the less fortunate of Camden, NJ called Aqua Corps. 


Aqua Corps feed the homeless, host Thanksgiving day dinners for the homeless, and perform community outreach for the less fortunate people in Camden.  They are trying to raise money to purchase a permanent location for their cause at The Hero Network.  Be sure and support them if you can.  To learn more about Aqua Corps and what they do to help the homeless  Click Here.

Thanks again to all my WordPress neighbors who have taken the time to stop by my home online and be so kind.  Means the world to have the support of such an incredibly talented bunch!


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