Repurposed Decoupage Photograph Shadow Box

I was very excited recently, when I received my prize in the mail from Ray’s Sew Crafty‘s Labor day giveaway.  A lovely book filled with different designed scrapbook paper. I was eager to use this paper on a project and share it with all of you.  Once again I want to send a big thank you to Diana at Ray’s Sew Crafty. Be sure and stop by and check out her blog!

Labor Day Giveaway


I had a set of three different sized black shadow box shelves that I wasn’t sure what to do with.  I decided to repurpose the medium-sized shelf into a photo shadow box.  I gathered my materials:


Scrapbook paper


Mod Podge/Foam craft brush

Hot Glue Gun

Black Fine Tipped Marker and Scissors

I traced the four sides of the shelf with a black marker.  I cut the tracings out with a pair of scissors and placed them aside.  I applied Mod Podge to the outside of the shelf with a foam brush, and carefully applied the scrapbook paper to the outside.  Once dry, I applied Mod Podge over the top of the paper to seal it.  I used the hot glue gun to carefully glue the photo to the back, leaving a small space at the top if I decided to hang it on the wall.

Photo Shadow Box


I wish the edges had come out better, as I accidentally touched them before they were dry! Overall I loved the project and what a wonderful way to display a favorite photograph!


Fabulous Fabric: Little White Wall Shelf Restyle

Old white flip shelf

While I was going through our spare bedroom and it’s contents in the attempt to make way for a crafting space, I discovered this little, white, framed wall shelf.  I remember purchasing this from a department store many years ago.  It came in a set of three and the frames where various sizes.  I used this shelf in our bathroom for quite sometime.  This shelf was the largest among them.  I did not find the two other, smaller shelves, and I  was unsure of their whereabouts.  I am hoping I come across them again.

Although these frames functioned well, I thought they lacked style  and were rather plain.  That is when I got an idea.  I decided to upholstery staple some fabric to the back of the shelf frame.  I spread a large piece of this spare fabric snuggly over the back of the shelf with the design facing outward,  I stapled the fabric to the wooden shelf about every inch around,  I then trimmed the fabric with a pair of scissors.

upholstery stapler

When I turned the shelf around I noticed a few scratches and minor chips on the shelf area.  In order to conceal this, I used black acrylic paint and applied two coats allowing the paint to dry between coats.  Once the paint was completely dry, I applied a coat of Mod Podge to seal the paint and prevent any further chipping.

Shelf restyle, paint fabric and Mod Podge

Now that is more like it!  I love the difference the fabric makes in this piece.

Fabric and Mod Podge Shelf

I decided to display our Willow Tree figurine we were given as a gift when our daughter was born.  It hangs below our family photo canvas and I think it fits in nicely!



Framed Wall Shelf

Fabric of choice

Acrylic Paint

Mod Podge


Upholstery Stapler