Fabulous Fabric: Little White Wall Shelf Restyle

Old white flip shelf

While I was going through our spare bedroom and it’s contents in the attempt to make way for a crafting space, I discovered this little, white, framed wall shelf.  I remember purchasing this from a department store many years ago.  It came in a set of three and the frames where various sizes.  I used this shelf in our bathroom for quite sometime.  This shelf was the largest among them.  I did not find the two other, smaller shelves, and I  was unsure of their whereabouts.  I am hoping I come across them again.

Although these frames functioned well, I thought they lacked style  and were rather plain.  That is when I got an idea.  I decided to upholstery staple some fabric to the back of the shelf frame.  I spread a large piece of this spare fabric snuggly over the back of the shelf with the design facing outward,  I stapled the fabric to the wooden shelf about every inch around,  I then trimmed the fabric with a pair of scissors.

upholstery stapler

When I turned the shelf around I noticed a few scratches and minor chips on the shelf area.  In order to conceal this, I used black acrylic paint and applied two coats allowing the paint to dry between coats.  Once the paint was completely dry, I applied a coat of Mod Podge to seal the paint and prevent any further chipping.

Shelf restyle, paint fabric and Mod Podge

Now that is more like it!  I love the difference the fabric makes in this piece.

Fabric and Mod Podge Shelf

I decided to display our Willow Tree figurine we were given as a gift when our daughter was born.  It hangs below our family photo canvas and I think it fits in nicely!



Framed Wall Shelf

Fabric of choice

Acrylic Paint

Mod Podge


Upholstery Stapler


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