Old Timey Decoupage Lemonade Dispenser

We have been in the middle of an extreme heat wave for the past week. temperatures have reached 100 degrees and over.  Most people search for ways to beat the heat, and this made me think about a cold beverage I love : Lemonade. There is also nothing sweeter then a child’s lemonade stand. Someday, I hope to help my daughter build and run a stand when she is old enough.

I had a glass beverage dispenser that was in great shape, but was a little plain.  I have seen these in thrift stores for only a few dollars.


I searched the internet for vintage lemonade images.  When I found the images I wanted to use, I printed them out on my color printer.  I also found some great lemon slice clip art to decoupage on the back of the dispenser.


I cut out the images, and I decided to use Outdoor Mod Podge for this project.  Since this is a beverage dispenser, I wanted to use Mod Podge that was more water proof on the outside for when the dispenser needs rinsing or when condensation occurs.  I used a brush to apply the Mod Podge and applied the images to the outside of the glass.  I applied the lemon slices to the glass double-sided so the image would appear on the inside of the glass.  Once dry, I applied 2 coats over the images to seal them to the glass.  Now I have a great piece with a more vintage feel.




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