One Lucky Little Upcycle Blog…


I would like to say a long overdue “Thank you” to Crafty Madre who has a wonderful craft blog by the same name. Be sure and stop by and visit her idea filled blog. A true crafting artist!  She nominated “On The Upcycle” for the Liebster award, Which is given to blogs who have reached the 100 plus readership mark, A goal this blog recently reached.  The word Liebster means ” dearest” in German. Awwe *Shucks*

I have to be honest I am a bit of a “newbie”  When it comes to this or any similar blogger awards.  I did a bit of research on the award rules and am a bit unsure of what the official rules are, I am sure of one thing: I wanted to thank Crafty Madre for taking the time to send some encouragement to your humble blog author and Mod Podge maniac.  Most of the blogs I follow are way beyond the 100 readership mark so I am unsure as far as nominations, but I follow so many great blogs and wish I could recognize each and every one of you!  All of you are “dearest” blogs in my eyes!


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