You had me at “Half Table” Yard Sale Table Rescue

I was excited when a friend of mine from work approached me about a table she had spotted at a yard sale.  She had arrived toward the end of the sale and the family was packing things up that hadn’t sold.  She informed my friend that she was taking most of what didn’t sell and was placing it out on the curb for the trash collectors.  She was nice and asked my co-worker if she wanted to take anything at no charge since it would end up in the trash anyway.  This is the part of the story I am truly thankful for!  She spotted a little half-moon table and thought of me and how much I love to upcycle.  She thought it would be a perfect candidate and that I could “do something” with it.  I was so excited when she brought the table to me. She had no idea the love I have for these little tables!  I had come across a half table previously at a thrift store and snatched it up! That post was called Crazy for Half Tables! so you can see she had me at half table!  I snatched this table up happily and decided to use the table in our living room.  I decided to match the table design to our damask black and white chair which is one of my favorite upcycled chairs to date.

Yard Sale Half Table Before

The table finish was rough and ready for priming.  I cleaned the table and placed it upside down on to the fabric I was going to use.  I traced the table surface with a black felt tipped marker.


I carefully cut out the tracing and placed the fabric aside.  I primed the table with a white latex primer and allowed the table to dry,  If you are working with a dark piece of furniture and lighter fabric  it is especially important to prime it because the darker color will bleed through the fabric from underneath and may appear darker than desired.  I learned this myself in the past the hard way!

Apply fabric and Mod Podge

I applied Mod Podge to the surface of the table, applying the fabric slowly to avoid and wrinkles or air bubbles.  Once the fabric was smoothed out, I applied Mod Podge over it with a foam craft brush.  Allowing it to dry.

Painted legs

While the Mod Podge was drying,  I used acrylic paint going with the black and white alternating theme.  Once the piece was completely dry I used a coat of polyurethane sealer to “seal the deal”  Now the piece was allowed to dry overnight.

Restyled Half Moon Table using Mod Podge and Fabric

Thanks again to my awesome like-minded friend who saw the possibilities in this piece! Someone’s trash truly is to another a treasure!  Now my damask chair has a friend and my living room is all the better for it!

Upcycled chair with half moon table


Crazy For Half Tables: Table Restyle using Mod Podge


I love half tables!  I was so excited when I found this one at a thrift store while shopping one weekend with the family.  It was the first item in my cart.  I was also ecstatic over the reasonable price- only $5.99! I knew exactly where I would put this table in our house, at the base of our stairs.  Space is limited in this area and this half table would be a perfect space saver.

I searched through my available scrapbook paper and went through several styles before I settled on this one.  I turned the table upside down onto the backside of two sheets of paper and traced the table top onto the paper.  I cut the tracing and used Mod Podge Matte Finish to glue the paper to the table top. I used my rubber Mod Podge tool and my hand to gently smooth out any air bubbles.  While the table top dried, I painted the rest of the table black with acrylic paint. One of the things I like about this table is, it had some etched details on the legs and top.  I accentuated this by painting the floral etching white.  Once all the paint dried I used about 4 coatings of Mod Podge to seal the piece.  I skipped priming the piece because the table felt rough almost like it had been lightly sanded before I bought it. The paint covered well with about two coats. I was happy with the design and the neutral black and white design goes well with our living room walls which are painted with Behr paint and primer in one sandstone color.

before and after



Two pieces of scrapbook paper design of choice

Black Acrylic paint

Mod Podge Matte Finish

Rubber Mod Podge

Scissors, Paint Brushes, Black Marker

Table top close up