Hand Painted Decoupage Kids Time Out Chair


Happy Mother’s day to all you wonderful crafty moms out there!

It was a bit ironic, that this weekend’s project is a kids Time Out chair, but my daughter is about to turn 2 in two weeks and my husband and I want to start using the little chair as a learning tool and why not learn in style?  I have to say this craft was a bit of a challenge for me, mostly because I wasn’t sure how I wanted to make the chair.  Looking back I may have done the chair a little differently as I am not a 100% happy on how it turned out.  I think the color scheme could have been a bit better and I am not sure I would have used flowers if I had it to do all over again.  I try not to get discouraged if something doesn’t turn out exactly as planned.   After all without mistakes what can we learn from?

Materials Used:

Scrap book paper

Acrylic Paint

Mod Podge-Matte Finish

Stick on Letters

Wrapping paper (for “time out” flower)

White Latex Primer

The chair was not in the greatest of shape.  I rescued it from the flea market for $ 2.00! When I got it home, I cleaned it as best I could and primed it with the latex primer.  I let it dry thoroughly   I then cut and measured the scrapbook paper for the seat and glued it to the seat using Mod Podge.  Then I hand painted the entire piece.  This was the most time consuming aspect of the project.  Once dry, I used the stick on letters for the “Time Out”  and wrapping paper I had for the flower over the letters.  I then sealed the entire piece with 3 coats of Mod Podge.  Who would have  thought a punishment chair could be pretty? (LOL)