Bedroom table lamp and magazine rack restyled using Mod Podge.


We have lived in our home for about 7 years and one of the last rooms we put our individual stamp on was our bedroom.  Out of all the rooms in our house at the time, the bedroom was the one room we could live with as is.   It was painted blue and the walls were still in pretty good shape, so we focused on some of the other rooms first that needed our attention.  My husband had a bedroom growing up that was painted grey.  Out of all the rooms he slept in over the years he said he felt more relaxed and slept better in a grey room.  Finally about two months ago we decided to go for it and finally re-do our bedroom.  After we painted the room grey it looked great, but some of our furniture did not.  As per a previous post the first thing that needed our attention was our bedroom nightstands.  We were so pleased with how they turned out we decided to decoupage our table lamp and magazine rack.  We inherited this table, as it was left behind by the previous people who lived in our house.  First thing I did was tighten the table as it was quite loose.  I cleaned the entire table with a wet cloth removing any dust and dirt.  I then glued (using Mod Podge Matte finish)   scrapbook paper to the table top, and the bottom of the magazine rack.  I then removed the drawer knob and traced the front of the drawer onto the scrapbook paper. Using an X Acto knife I carefully cut the paper and glued to the front of the drawer using Mod Podge.  Once dry, I primed the areas I planned on painting with a white latex primer. I painted the table with two coats of black acrylic paint.  Once dry, I covered the piece with 3 layers of Mod Podge allowing to dry completely between coats.  We switched out the lampshade with a lamp shade that matched from Christmas Tree Shop  and poof!  Now we have a matching table, lamp and magazine rack to go along with our bedroom nightstands!

Materials used:

Mod Podge Matte Finish

X Acto knife

Scrapbook paper

White Latex Primer

Black Acrylic Paint