Happy 2nd Birthday to my little toddler apprentice!

Today, I digress from the usual craft Ideas, love of Mod Podge and paint to wish our daughter Erin a very Happy Birthday!

2 years ago today at 6:05 pm,  I received life’s most precious gift.  The birth of our daughter Erin changed our lives in so many ways. My husband and I are beyond blessed everyday to know such a happy, kind, sweet little soul such as hers.  We are so honored god chose us, to hold her in our hands, watch over, and teach the ways of the world in the hopes that one day she can go on to have a happy, healthy life of her own. So much of what I do is inspired by her laughter and smiles!  It keeps us going despite life’s everyday difficulties.

I will be shifting gears this week in preparation of Erin’s party this Saturday.  Since we are having it this upcoming Memorial day weekend, we chose a patriotic theme and will be incorporating all her favorite Sprout channel characters.  We are so excited to have our family and friends celebrate her with us! I will continue posting through out the week and will share any upcoming birthday developments and ideas with all of you.  I already have a few craft ideas up my sleeve for her party so stay tuned!  Should be a wonderfully busy week!


My little Toddler Apprentice