And The Winner Is…. Me!?!

Good Morning to all my blogging friends!  It is a happier Monday than usual, thanks to Diana at Ray’s Sew Crafty.  I just wanted to personally thank her for making my day!  She has an amazing crafting blog, and is a lover of cats as I am!  Be sure and check it out! Diana sponsored a Labor Day Giveaway on her site and I happened to be the very lucky winner of a book of beautiful scrapbook papers (Can you say decoupage?)

Scrapbook paper winner!

Congratulations also to  Laura (from the Sew Frou Frou Quilter ) She won the cute Hugabook story book panel.

Also… If you missed it, be sure and check out my friend Elise from 2 Geeks and a Grandma at Cheeky Geeks Blog.  This month, Elise is featuring all things “Geeky”  Sci Fi, Retro you name it!  I was honored when Elise asked if I would be a guest blogger, my very first guest blogger position! My contribution is a  full tutorial on how to make a retro upcycled kids table and chair featuring an old Strawberry Shortcake record.  Be sure and stop by and check it out! Elise will be featuring all things “retro” this week.   Visit her for more to come, should be lots of fun!!

Enjoy your day my friends!

Cheeky Geeks : Geek Month Celebration

Strawberry Shortcake Sunday | CheekyGeeks

I want to thank Elise from Cheeky Geeks for featuring “On The Upcycle” during Geek month.  This week is retro week and what a better way to celebrate than with an upcycled Kids Strawberry Shortcake Record table and chair.  Be sure and check out my full tutorial on Cheeky Geeks.

Strawberry Shortcake Sunday | CheekyGeeks.

r\Retro Strawberry Shortcake Chair and Record table
Cheeky Geeks : Geek Month Celebration

Upcycled Strawberry Shortcake Kids Record Chair

Simple Saturday: Decoupage Sports Fan Desk Clock

This project was quick, and easy to create.   If you have never ventured into the wonderful world of Mod Podge before, this is a great starter project for you!  A sports desk clock is also a great gift for the special man in your life or a female sports fan such as myself.  When I stumbled upon this cute little clock made from Ikea, at a Good Will store, I had no clue what if anything I was going to do with it. The price was certainly encouraging! On this day items adorned with a yellow ticket were 50% off !  This cute little item cost just 1 dollar!

Ikea Desk Clock


My husband suggested that since the clock was Eagles Green, it would make a great Philadelphia Eagles Football clock.  I thought this was a great idea, in honor of the new football season, and our fantasy football team who opened week one with a win thanks to McCoy and Jackson. I found some sports images online and printed them.  These would be great for decoupage and looked as though they would fit well on the surface,  The clock was a bit of an odd shape after all.

Eagles print outs


I cut the images out and do to space restraints used the only the eagles letters, and the larger eagle.  I used a small paint brush and applied a light coating of Mod Podge to the back of the paper cut outs and carefully applied them to the front of the clock surface.  I placed in front of the fan, and when dry added additional Mod Podge over the top of the images.  I repeated this step twice,

Mod Podge Clock

This took less than a half hour to make and came out wonderfully!

Now are you ready for some football? Well at least you’ll know when the game is starting!

Sports Fan Clock made with Mod Podge



For The Record: Upcycling Vinyl

I have seen many exciting ways to upcycle old vinyl online, but the idea for me actually started when I stumbled upon an awesome shop on Etsy called ” It’s our earth” They upcycle records, and floppy discs into coasters, chip bowls and clocks just to name a few.  I was shopping online for Christmas and saw a clock made from a Thin Lizzy record, my husband’s favorite band.  I jumped at the chance to get it and the price was right.  It hangs proudly in our living room next to our 1970 Pioneer stereo cabinet. Most importantly, he loves it!

It's our earth upcycled record clock on Etsy

The plaque below it says “Life is a song and love is the music”

I loved all the great upcycling ideas for small record side tables, and they looked very easy to make.  It would also go nicely with the clock in our living room. I am a great lover of music and the sound of vinyl, so I scoured my collection for a record I had purchased from a dollar record bin that was damaged and unplayable.

Aerosmith Greatest Hits

Aerosmith is a cool band, but this  record was destroyed! It was perfect for making a record table.  I also had an old, weathered metal plant stand.  I cleaned it and spray painted it black and allowed it to dry.

Spray painted metal plant stand

I then simply used a high heat hot glued gun to adhere the record to the plant stand.

Upcycled Plant Stand Record Table

Not only a cute living room addition, but a great functional side table!

Record Side Table

Sew On!

It is tough to let go!! This table is lovely! Check out Upshabby Blog, She is new to the blogging world, but certaintly not new when it comes to transforming old worn out furniture into masterpieces. She also does it with a wonderful sense of humor and honesty!

Bucket List Journeys

Sometimes its tough to want to let things go. However, this is needing a spot in a home that this makes sense. Sitting in my craft room just doesn’t do it justice. So I’ll put my “big girl” pants on and let it go. I think it’s absolutely gorgeous. It’s one of those scenarios where “should I or shouldn’t I?”

If you missed the start of the story, I picked this up at Goodwill last weekend. It was looking tired and run down normally I’d paint the entire piece but decided to follow Ben’s suggestion and stain. He wanted the whole thing stained. I compromised. 😉

Added the graphic on top ( and it is golden. Will clear coat it, bring it in for house pics and let it go go.ImageImage

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The Versatile Blogger Award.


I wanted to say a big “Thank You!” to Diana, at Ray’s Sew Crafty  For Nominating “On The Upcycle” for a VERSATILE BLOGGER AWARD!!   It is nice to be recognized in such a way, and it is also great to know that others enjoy reading my little blog.  Such things encourage me to keep exploring new ideas and The Word Press Community is such a supportive environment in which to do it.  For those of you I nominate, If you are not already aware, Here are the rules for “officially” excepting the nomination, being a bit of a newbie myself, this was helpful for me:

1. Display the Award Certificate on your blog.

2. Announce your win with a post and thank the blogger who nominated you.

3. Present 15 deserving bloggers with the award.

4. Link your nominees in the post and let them know of their nomination with a comment.

5. Post 7 interesting things about yourself.

So, here it goes.  Seven things you may not know about me

1. During most of my 20’s I worked as a Veterinary Technician at an Animal Hospital. I am a huge animal lover and advocate.

2.  I have one tattoo on the top of my foot, two black paw prints. I got in Las Vegas in 2009, my only trip there.

3.  I love all music in particular,  Heavy Metal and 80’s hard rock, back in the day they would call me a ” head banger”

4. I started this blog in April of this year. (2013)  This will be my 108th blog post!

(The first Mod Podge project I tried was in March 2013.  I always loved the arts, and being creative, but had no idea I would enjoy crafting so much!  I also, initially had no plans to start a blog. )

5.  I am a HUGE Game of Thrones fan, and have a major crush on Peter Dinklage.

6. I studied Art in college, but decided to drop out and attend Veterinary Assistant school instead.

7.  I played softball in High school (My position was catcher), and was a member of the bowling team.

Here are my versatile blogger nominations.  There are so many great blogs out here, I wish I could nominate you all.  Here is a list of “Versatile” bloggers.  Be sure and check out their blog’s.  Each one of them is great and I read them almost every day.

1. Michelle At Play

2. A Curious Girl

3. Upshabby

4. Crafts and Coffee

5. Cheeky Geeks

6. The Clutter Removing Erythrocyte

7. Row’s Pottery Shed

8. Love Library

9. Little Fingers Big Art

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11. Mod Flowers

12. Anna Cull Illustration and design

13. South Jersey Explorer

14. The Laughing Nanny

15. Roof Top Creations

Checkbook Cover Revival: Fabric Scraps and Mod Podge

Looking for an easy, fun project on a Sunday afternoon to do while you watch football?  I know I am! It has been a rough few days and I am hoping to relax on this lovely sunday and enjoy week one of the NFL games and cheer on our fantasy football team.  I have been on a small blogging hiatus, battling a nasty fall cold and continuing to go on with life as usual, work full-time, and as always, be a wife, and a mommy to a 2 year-old with an un-ending supply of energy.

It was my toddler apprentice who gave me the idea for today’s project.  My daughter was with me in our craft room the other day exploring as usual. She found some great scrap fabric to play with.  It made me think about ways I might be able to utilize these smaller fabric pieces, and then it hit me!  I had a tan checkbook cover that was in need of a revival.

I gathered what I would need:


Mod Podge

Scrap Fabric

Paint Brush

Black Marker


First, I opened the check book cover, laid it out flat and traced it onto the fabric with the black marker.  I cut the tracing, with a pair of scissors and placed aside.  I applied Mod Podge to the outside of the check book cover, generously with a paint brush.


I carefully applied the fabric to the checkbook smoothing it out with my hands.


I applied Mod Podge over the fabric and placed the checkbook in front of a fan to dry.


I repeated this process three more times, which left a nice,  smooth finish on the cover.  I decided to leave the inside as is.  I didn’t want the paper checks to “stick” to the inside cover.  Mod Podge is attracted to paper. (as it should be!)


What a great way to use fabric scraps and add a little life to your checkbook!